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JMD provides Best speed & 24*7 support

Our “Professional Services Group” has the capabilities to provide computer hardware solutions and software, system integration, network support, security, application management, facility management services to many Enterprise Customers. All of our Internet Services Customer can also avail these services at a fraction of cost.

JMD Technology and services Provide Computer hardware and software services door to door. JMD also deal in company branded computer parts, software and securities dives since 1998. JMD Internet Sevices focuses on high quality and excellent customer service at affordable and competitive price.

Broadband Services and Internet Solution

JMD Internet Sevices focuses on high quality and excellent customer service at affordable and competitive price. We will provide you corporate solutions for internet connectivity. Our Internet service is ideal for companies who use FTP, Mail Server, VOIP, ERP applications, streaming, audio and it is provisioned on last mile such as fiber and R.F network.

Our Internet Services are offered through our Branch Offices in Rajasthan to ensure higher uptime and lower latency with Dedicated bandwidth. We have back up lines from multiple providers. The primary service automatically falls over to the redundant backup line to keep your business connected in the event of a service disruption. Customers have found that our business continuity solutions deliver increased levels of uptime and reliability compared to a single-connection service.

JMD Internet Sevices Limited is passionate about providing exceptional service and personalized support. In addition to 12×6 ( 9.AM to 9.00 PM ) network monitoring, we have dedicated technical support staff to ensure that we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Why choose Internet Bandwidth from JMD Internet Services

Scalable performance at any speed: Our network can scale to meet any customer bandwidth requirements, no matter how demanding.

World-class infrastructure: Packets are delivered over JMD Fiber’s MPLS-enabled, congestion-free, carrier-class IP backbone.

Flexible price structure: Buy bandwidth based on actual usage, or at fixed rates.

Aggressive Service Level Agreements: Our promises are backed up by industry-leading SLAs on network availability, latency, and packet delivery for dedicated Internet leased line subscribers

Managed end-to-end solutions: Let JMD INTERNET SERVICES manages your total Internet solution, including circuit ordering and managed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Real-Time reporting: Customers have online access to real-time statistics, circuit utilization information, network status, scheduled maintenance reports and trouble ticketing.

Leased Line Connection

Leased Lines are ideally suited to organizations requiring dedicated, always-on, fixed bandwidth connectivity between two points to transport data or voice traffic. Leased Lines are highly cost-effective, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of traffic between your company’s sites or a valued business partner. Thanks to our massive network infrastructure, we give you faster, high bandwidth leased line connections (from 1Mb to 155Mb* and upwards) at really low cost. Due to features like above 99% uptime, dedicated bandwidth, live IP pools, multiple backbones, immediate and reliable technical support. KISPL is regarded as the most reliable ISP by our customers. And our satisfied customers are becoming our ambassadors for further business growth.

Key features 

  • Flexible bandwidths – we can offer guaranteed availability for 1MB and in multiples of 2 MBPS, Many other bandwidths are supported and we’ll always work with you to meet your needs.
  • Rapid installation of business critical communication links.
  • Guaranteed fix times combined with high availability.

Wire & Wireless System Services

Wireless LAN technology is gaining broad acceptance and being adopted worldwide in organizations that clamor for the competitive advantage of an increasingly mobile and highly productive workforce. As with any technology, wireless is continually evolving-offering advancements in speed, bandwidth, security, and more. The growth of wireless has recently led to a critical juncture in the advancement of the technology.